China Marathon Majors

China Marathon Majors

China Marathon Majors, the supreme level race of marathon in China, established and organized by Chinese Athletics Association, is aimed at resource integration of high-quality marathon, standard setting of China top-quality marathons organization and promotion of internationalized, standardized and market-oriented operation and development of marathon in China.


At the same time, making cultural transmission our own mission, China Marathon Majors will act in close coordination and make common efforts with other member event units to provide better event services to both professional marathoners and amateurs and build a higher-level exchange platform for the event operators, media and the sponsors.


China Marathon Majors will establish a new membership system to provide fat bonus and material incentive to encourage participants devoting themselves to positive training in order to get better athletic performance in China Marathon Majors. We will also set up and perfect an exchange platform for runners to provide high-quality services and participating opportunities to amateurs.


China Marathon Majors, together with other member event units including Beijing Marathon, will spare no efforts in carrying forward marathon culture, setting up top-quality event standards and becoming a guide and central enabler for marathon in China to develop to a higher level.


May more and more both professional and amateurish participants  achieve distinction of winning the grand slam!



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